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Aptiv Supplier Standards

Aptiv Customer Specific Requirements (Direct Material only)
Aptiv Supplier Integration Specifications (IT Security Requirement Summary, Supplier Prequalification Checklist, Aptiv Brand Center)
Health & Safety Reference Materials
Material Specifications / Substances of Concern
Payment Information
Social Responsibility (e.g. Supplier Diversity Development Information; Supplier Code of Conduct; Gift, Entertainment, and Gratuity Policy; Aptiv Direct Material Supplier Insurance; and Conflict Minerals)
Supply Chain (Labeling, Packaging, Shipping, and Supplier Quality documents)

Document and Description Last Updated
Aptiv Customer Specific Requirements (Direct Material only)
The manual supplements ISO/TS16949 for quality and commercial requirements of suppliers. It includes specific information on how to properly complete a supplier's response to a Aptiv Request for Quote, necessary packaging, labels, and scheduling requirements, and Aptiv specific quality requirements. Questions should be directed to your Aptiv buyer.
IT Security Requirement Summary
This Information Security Policy is a guide to protecting Aptiv's information, systems, and resources.
May 17, 2012
Supplier Prequalification Checklist
This document contains a worksheet "Information Security Engagement : Prequalification Checklist", and a worksheet "Information Security Engagement : Prequalification Checklist - For Data Exchange Requests". These checklists are used as initial Supplier assessments.
May 1, 2012
DAS SL-1.0
Regarding:  Sound Level Specification
Nov 2, 2009
DAS SL-1.0 Appendix F Nov 2, 2009
DAS SL-1.0 Appendix G-1 Nov 2, 2009
Finishes Approved Source List
This copy of the Aptiv-A Finishes Approved Source List (ASL) is for reference purposes only and is not considered a controlled document. This list contains information on finish Chemical Suppliers and Applicators that meet the requirements outlined in DX550083. Any questions regarding this list can be directed to any divisional materials engineer.

Nov 17, 2017

Aptiv Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Requirements Aug 2013
10949001 Substances of Concern and Recycled Content Specification and Related Documents
Aptiv has posted this revision of the Aptiv Substances of Concern and Recycled Content Specification 10949001 for reference. The specification is applicable to all direct raw materials and parts and will assure that all incoming goods will meet Aptiv's customers' environmental and recycling reporting requirements. This specification has been revised to harmonize with recent OEM specification changes, and references the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL).


A signed approval form is required prior to initial sample submission for any parts or materials containing prohibited substances as defined in 10949001. An electronic Prohibited Substance Reporting Form (slightly modified) has been provided. Full materials composition is to be reported to Aptiv through IMDS. See Related Documents below for additional instructions on Aptiv's reporting requirements.

May 2017


May 2009

10949001 IMDS Reporting Instructions
This document contains additional information and detailed instructions on how to complete the required information and provide it to Aptiv. This document must be used in conjunction with the 10949001 specification to comprehend Aptiv's reporting requirements.
May 2015
IMDS Rejection Reasons
This file contains "rejection" reasons with comments to help explain why the supplier IMDS submission was rejected.
May 2017
Payment Agreement Form
To be completed by suppliers as needed.
Apr 13, 2017
Letter to suppliers regarding the Supplier Code of Conduct Jul, 2012
Supplier Code of Conduct 20-FEB-, 2018
Gifts and Gratuities Letter Dec 2015
Gift, Entertainment, and Gratuity Policy Nov 7, 2016
Aptiv Direct Material Supplier Insurance Nov 13, 2012
Conflict Minerals Policy 22-JAN-2018
Conflict Minerals Training Jul 2016
Supplier Diversity Development History Oct 31, 2017
Step 1 - Supplier Diversity Questionnaire Jun 6, 2017
Step 2 - New Supplier Diversity Information Form Aug 10, 2011
Letter to suppliers regarding the entering of MBE Spend in the Supplier Profile Application Jan 2017
Global Container Label Requirements Standard Jan 1, 2010
Aptiv Global Packaging and Shipping Manual
If the manual doesn't open in a timely manner you may want to download and save a copy instead. Just right-click on the link, then select "Save Target As..." from the context menu.
Dec 2017
Supplier Packaging Information Form May 2013
Shipping Goods Across International Borders  
Shipping Indirect Materials to Aptiv Plants in Mexico May 2, 2008
 Supplier Quality Documents (e.g. SPDP, APQP,and Containment)